on 13/9/12
Kristen said:
Perfect turn! Awesome!
on 13/9/12
laurel k said:
awesome and good luck
on 13/9/12
C J Singh said:
on 13/9/12
John McNulty said:
Perfect execution, nice duration, and flawless landing.
on 13/9/12
Erick Monsanto said:
on 13/9/12
Matt Freer said:
So sick! Sooo Perfect!!!
on 13/9/12
Carol Hansen said:
on 13/9/12
Victor Seco said:
on 13/9/12
Anthony G said:
Dude go out there and kill it for the Spy Nation!!! YEAHHH BUDDY
on 13/9/12
Chad said:
John John is the best of all of these surfers!!! Keep rocking it John!!
on 13/9/12
devon said:
the best
on 13/9/12
Dj said:
on 13/9/12
Brian said:
John John is so sick, 100% perfect
on 13/9/12
Roy said:
I submitted my vote for this air, not only because is the best one, but to participate in the SPY contest, but guess what?? Only FB users can do it!!! I have something to say F%&$ FB in the FACE!!!
on 11/9/12
Uncs said:
John John should clearly win, this star system is pointless. Do comments not count for anything?
on 11/9/12
Stupor said:
notcool: when I logged on to vote a few days ago, it appeared that the system was allowing me to vote more than once for the same clip. Not doing it now but ... it may be that some people voted more than once. Otherwise, it does seem a little weird that most of the comments on the "web episodes" page seem to be in favor of JJF, while Chippa is getting nearly four times the votes. No offense to Chippa, but I hope Kustom is tracking IP addresses on the votes to clean out multiples.
on 11/9/12
notcool said:
This voting system must be f@cked. JJ blows chippas away. Is it cause chippa rides for Kustom? Just saying.... anyone who truthfully thinks chippa wins needs to pull their ausie flag out their ass.
on 11/9/12
Ricardo said:
WTF!!! I mean, Chippa's air is good, but this one is PERFECT... perfect timing, style and a perfectly clean landing! hands down to JJ.
on 10/9/12
ian said:
you can see without a doubt that jj stalefish is more technical and critical than chippas, he grabs earlier straight out of the lip, he got higher, the rotation push him better towards the face of the wave with a massive grab hangtime to a perfect, calm and in control landing... give him the 50K thats a 13 point ride
on 9/9/12
jeremy said:
john johns was without a doubt soo much better than chippas! this rating system needs some attention cause u can vote more than once..