on 28/9/12
SurfShop.com said:
I think they should've made a pair of $50,000 shoes... ala the Trestles $35k train spike that you win at Lowers
on 26/9/12
Sam said:
Too true!!!! BigZ exactly what I was thinking! Kustom have a lot to answer to pulling a stunt like that.
on 25/9/12
yomismo said:
Well done Kustom. The previous voting system was a joke. Justice has been done ;)
on 25/9/12
BigZ said:
Every contestant was exceptional but your handling of the voting was atrocious as Chippa was ahead by 9,000 votes and then you hid the numbers behind closed doors. Decision was not made by us the people but by you the corporate monster to feed your own hype. Next time just give it to your own top ranked sponsored surfer and leave out the b.s.
on 25/9/12
HI8US said:
on 24/9/12
TOM said:
on 24/9/12
Jon said:
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