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on 5/8/15
gffmtbr said:
on 20/9/12
Bruce Wayne said:
This guy has nothing on John John. He doesn't go big, and he rides a plug. Pretty much should just give up.
on 19/9/12
Matt Hurworth said:
I couldnt ask for a better bloke to shape boards for,he surfs OK too.Thanks for helping me progress with designs Chip
on 13/9/12
Carmen said:
on 8/9/12
lucas said:
sik rotation chippa
on 3/9/12
Dane said:
Mad bro... You are ripping. Keep it up and good luck for this comp, you have got me votes!
on 2/9/12
sam ford said:
yay chip
on 2/9/12
kook said:
j.j's stalefish 360 is a little better i think, it had a cleaner landing.
on 31/8/12
DrewEastwood said:
Agreed. Back indy 3 is whats uppp.
on 31/8/12
mr chicken said:
his to backside air reverse indy grabs need to be in here the best ones.
on 30/8/12
calvin said:
I agree sime
on 30/8/12
goony said:
a backside slob is a mute
on 30/8/12
Sime said:
I feel like Chippa's two best airs were in Ep. 4, and they aren't available for voting.