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on 6/8/15
pnwyrq said:
on 23/11/13
vvhuginq said:
on 19/9/12
tom said:
sooo smooth chip!
on 13/9/12
cash money said:
was that real omg chippa always taking it to new levels in the sky
on 11/9/12
Shreddy Freddy said:
@harry, your a tool its a big spin, an extra body spin would put him back landing goofy footed retard
on 9/9/12
sawyer vancampen said:
he killed the whole wave, but it was worth it hahaha that was sick
on 7/9/12
sammyJ said:
backside big spin to switch barrel...this is why chippa doesn't need to be on tour
on 7/9/12
glen winton said:
no-one shoves it better
on 3/9/12
harry said:
@tom do you not think that chippa told them what he calls it? i think big spin has an extra body spin
on 2/9/12
sam ford said:
up there chippa
on 31/8/12
Tom said:
Its called a backside big spin