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on 24/11/13
yeinwobj said:
on 20/9/12
Tushar Pathiyan said:
Gooo Chippa! Looks like you are going to own this comeptition! :) - Amigos from India!
on 19/9/12
tom said:
go chip, local boys have your back
on 19/9/12
Matt Hurworth said:
I couldnt ask for a better teamrider to shape boards for.Hes helped me progress a lot over the last 6 years.I owe u Chip!!
on 19/9/12
brad said:
Hope u smash it chip. big party when u do.
on 18/9/12
Tonix said:
Go Chippa! Such an amazing, growing fanbase has your back. Good karma to ya.
on 14/9/12
jaybro said:
@Gleee... hey nobody is hating on Chris like I said he rips, much better than I. But for fair voting check out surfline's Punt of the year. All of these airs are featured with fair one vote per IP voting and JJF's stalefish is clearly winning... why do you think they removed the star count?
on 13/9/12
Gleee said:
@ jaybro.... the only reason there's so many votes is cause Chippa Rips and has many fans who think so! As for being associated with Kustom, if anything he got less time featured in the episode compared to others... ? go figure....Agree with @wayno and @ashlee- haters gonna hate! Best of luck Chippa!! if you win it will be well deserved! :)
on 13/9/12
Ashlee said:
Haters hate because they hate seeing you do better. Ripping Chippa!
on 13/9/12
wayno said:
I like that we all have our own opinions but don't understand the hate that goes on- we vote for who we personally would like to see win - I'm with Chippa yeww mate!
on 13/9/12
jaybro said:
The only reason he had so many stars is because he is the only surfer on the trip actually on the Kustom team according to their website. Of course they want him to win.. JJF's stalefish was a bigger wave, higher amplitude, super clean and tweaked compared to Chippa's.. no offense to Chris he still rips.
on 11/9/12
LG said:
Why am i unable to vote again for Chippa??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? What's going on ? GO CHIPPA WILSON
on 11/9/12
Jufish said:
Why can't I vote again?!!?? other people could....! What's up with not displaying the votes!? Go Chippa TRUE! @ Caz and @ Jake! :D
on 11/9/12
CAz said:
@Jake - totally agree with you! Everyone was able to vote as much as they liked! for who ever they liked! Good Luck Chippa! You had some sick stuff in the episodes and videos! Would keep voting for you if I could....???!!!
on 11/9/12
Jake said:
Why is chippa copping a beating about the amount of stars? Everybody in this was open to be voted for multiple times. The organisers are the ones that need to be ripped into. Give it a rest wankers.
on 9/9/12
Graham said:
No one thinks any funny business is going on here? This wave gets almost THREE TIMES as many votes as any other wave of JJ's? over 16,000 more "stars" or whatever? The problem with this format is that anyone could just sit at a computer and vote and vote and vote for the same thing. Now, that being said....JJ doesn't need the money with how he's been crushing it on the CT, amongst other things so I'm not opposed to Chippa getting the money. And Chippa's segments are pretty sick. BUT THERE IS NO WAY ANYONE SHOULD WIN THIS TITLE BUT JOHN JOHN.
on 9/9/12
shane said:
same air as john john but chippas wave is half as small... why is he in the lead
on 8/9/12
Surfdisco said:
Ma vaffanculo! Chippa è piu stiloso ma quello di jj rompe il culo!
on 8/9/12
angelooo said:
on 7/9/12
Uncle said:
Such bull that you can continuously vote over and over for an entry. Someone clearly is just boosting the star count all day, John John's is way more deserving.
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