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on 1/8/14
A Message From Your New Governor - That Speech in Full: Part One A Message from your New Governor – That Speech in Full: Part One by Kieron McFadden The new governor of the Imperial Province of Britain addresses the nation Greetings Britons! As you know my predecessor, Gordonicus Laborius a.k.a. "Gordonicus the terrible because he was, well, bloody terrible has obligingly fallen on his sword and it has been my honour, along with my cohorts of the Coalitium Desperandum, to have been chosen by the Emperor for elevation to high office via the Festival of Dupus Electus. I have accordingly taken over the reins of power of this troubled Province. It seems appropriate at this juncture to address you, the plebian masses, directly now that I am a few weeks into my tenure and things are trundling along as smoothly as a loose chariot on a sharp incline and before the high hopes that attended my assumption of the governorship have completed their traditional evaporation. The first thing I should point out – and let me be very clear about this – is that when I used the term "reins of power", I was of course speaking symbolica
on 12/5/14
ニューバランス スニーカー said:
on 19/4/14
on 16/4/14
アディダス スニーカー said:
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on 13/7/13
soomiaadmilia said:
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on 13/7/13
soomiaadmilia said:
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on 10/9/12
sammyj said:
and i cant get air reverses down
on 4/9/12
le sands said:
What a mover on the waves, just like the waves you make when wearing your Kustom shoes