Episode One / 4

on 4/8/15
nazfrnh said:
on 13/12/13
burgers said:
on 23/11/13
cjgufi said:
on 29/8/12
jose said:
Chippa wins! Hardest tricks on backside
on 28/8/12
Evan said:
This contest was completley bias on making john john appear so much better by adding more footage of him
on 28/8/12
Deano said:
CHIPPA!!! the best for sure!
on 26/8/12
David said:
I think John FLOReNCE is the best! 1/John florence 2/ chippa wilson 3/ Ryan callinan 4/ mat meola and 5/ albee layer
on 25/8/12
Ed said:
CHIPPA for the win
on 24/8/12
j said:
CHIPPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WINNER
on 22/8/12
ronnie said:
if meola stuck tht at 1.45 the money was his for the taking,all round chippa is doing the most and john johns are the smoothest but this game is BEST AIR meola will take it out
on 12/8/12
Carlz said:
Chippa! Chippa! Chippa! ... Voting for Chippa! Sick stuff!
on 12/8/12
Nicolas Luna said:
John John Florence!!!
on 10/8/12
Evan Kuylenstierna said:
John John all the way.
on 9/8/12
HannahR said:
CHIPPA .......... AWSOME !!!!! that is all
on 7/8/12
O'Shen Franco said:
John John you are the best surfer in the universe :) O'Shen
on 7/8/12
vincent bernalin said:
john john is the best surfer in the world
on 7/8/12
Malachi said:
Matt, any word on what board chippa is riding? Sick board. Voting for John tho sorry homie
on 6/8/12
Matt Hurworth said:
These guys are freaks.I feel so honoured to be shaping Chipas boards..
on 6/8/12
Angelosurf said:
chippaaaaaaaaaa¡¡¡¡ best surfer the world
on 6/8/12
ben bondweild said:
holy shit. best clip of the year. John John is the best surfer on the planet ATM
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