Episode Two / 4

on 23/11/13
yaxmylck said:
on 27/8/12
Felipe Del Cistia said:
John john 10.
on 26/8/12
zippa said:
JJ with the buttery style and transitons, the other boys better have some good hospital cover
on 25/8/12
jeremy said:
john john for sure. chippa needs to quit riding a fish all the time. lame
on 25/8/12
Ron said:
John John is the daddy, no doubts!!!!
on 24/8/12
Stefan Jack said:
Chippa no doubt, airs master!
on 24/8/12
CAS said:
Chippa is the man! killing it!
on 24/8/12
felgfc said:
John John Florence
on 24/8/12
Kevin curran said:
Ohhhhhhhhh Johnny boy
on 22/8/12
Caleb burrows said:
Im voting john john, biggest airs eva!!!!!
on 16/8/12
Kalani said:
CHIPPA WILSON.... Thats where its at people... He is the master.. Keep shredding bro, your an inspiration!
on 14/8/12
Camille said:
Chippa Wilson's got my vote, best airs!!!!
on 14/8/12
Troy Archer said:
What just happened? That was fucking amazing. Holy shit.
on 13/8/12
Sandy said:
Yeah the Chip's got my vote!
on 12/8/12
Carlz said:
Crazy stuff Chippa! Awesome airs!!! Chippa's got my vote!
on 12/8/12
Nicolas Luna said:
My vote is for John John Florence obviously
on 10/8/12
Dyou said:
All of them are ripping!!!!!!!
on 10/8/12
darchambeau said:
where is it?
on 10/8/12
Caleb said:
Jhon Jhon... hand him the mony now people......hes killing it!
on 9/8/12
Ben Evert said:
chippa is smashing it !!!
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